e-Pro Solutions in Education

e-Pro Solutions provides solutions to Educational sectors. Our company is committed on making sure that deploying Mac and iPad to schools is even easier than before. Wether you deploy one-to-one or a shared devices at schools, rest assured that students can quickly set up with the help of our Mobile Device Management solution (MDM) to make sure that it is secure and at the same time, teachers have more control over the devices thus making sure that students is more focus on the learning process and what the teacher is teaching, so students can access a world of new learning experience. e-Pro Solutions implemented a 3 simple steps on deploying Mac and iPad devices at schools.

Prepare and Supervise

This stage is the most important part in our solution, as this is where all the required pre-requisites of a successful deployment takes place. This is where we check if device OS’s are up to date and make sure to install an enrollment profile which enables us to auto-enroll devices to our Mobile Device Management software. Failure to do this step will result in unsuccessful deployment.

Mobile Device Management

This step is where all the magic happens in our deployment. Once we are successful implementing step 1, our MDM will automatically take our device inventory which list all the basic information of our device, here we manage software licenses as well. And of course this is where we create our policies and restrictions, create configuration profiles, download app and distribute those apps over the air.


Lastly is the deployment of devices to the user. In this stage, we are now handing over devices to a user or a group of users with pre-installed policies and configuration profiles to make sure that teachers have more control over the devices than the students.

e-Pro Solutions in Enterprise

e-Pro Solutions does not focus just on education sector, one of our company’s focus is our enterprise user. We know that most of our enterprise customers are using Windows Servers and Active Directory, so our team are helping our enterprise customers on how to integrate mac to their system properly. And if incase you are a new company who wants to deploy all mac system, we can surely help you providing a better solution on how to properly implement a mac system that runs on open directory system with a centralized back up with RAID system.

Windows Active Directory Integration

Our company can help you integrate mac to your Active Directory properly and let your existing users login to their mac using their active directory accounts. All shared folders and resources are readily available.

Mac OS X Server running Open Directory

Mac OS X’s native directory service is called Open Directory. Directory services are a very important component of any enterprise environment. These services provide a database for central account management for both user and computer, as well as a framework for sharing that information among workstations and servers. If you are a newly established company or even an existing company who wish to run all mac system in their environment, our team can you help you setup a mac server and run open directory to manage users.

Centralized back up location with RAID system

If your mac environment requires centralized back up with RAID system, our team can help you setup that kind of requirement. The centralize backup will be managed by the mac server.

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